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Note: All prices are for the flights or steps ONLY.
Balustrade due to the variety of choice and combinations can be priced individually.
See our Product Range.

Terms & Conditions

  1. These Conditions apply to all contracts involving the supply of goods and/or services the properties trading as Allwood Stairs ("Allwood Stairs") and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have read and understood the terms and obtained independent legal advice if they wish.
  2. The Quotation provided is only a quotation until the Customer advises Allwood Stairs they wish to agree to the Quotation or a variation of the Quotation. The Quotation (including any variations) then becomes a binding contract when Allwood Stairs agrees to honour the Quotation (including any variations). Any Quotation is only valid for 30 days, or until Allwood Stairs withdraws the Quotation.
  3. It is the responsibility of the Customer to:
    a: Ensure any measurements provided to Allwood Stairs whether personally or through any other person, and whether orally or in writing, are accurate;
    b: The product being suplied is suitable for their purpose (except where the Quotation specifies in writing it is to be suitable for a particular purpose).
  4. It is the responsibility of Allwood Stairs to:
    a: Use best efforts to effect delivery within the specified period.
  5. Full payment is required before manufacture can commence. Once manufacture has begun no alterations to measurements etc can be accepted.




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